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Additional Teardrop Pendant

Additional Teardrop Pendant

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Please Note: This is the holder only. You will need to purchase the electronics, the ORA device, separately from this product.

The handcrafted silver plated teardrop shaped pendant comes with one interchangeable cover in your choice of color and a hypoallergenic stainless steel chain.  

The teardrop pendant works with most necklace chains and chokers; feel free to use your favorite necklace with the pendant. 


  • Handcrafted silver plated teardrop shaped pendant cleverly holds the ORA device (sold separately) in it 
  • 20" Stainless Steel chain
  • Magnetic clasp for easy removal
  • Sold separately - Removable and interchangeable acrylic Teardrop Covers come in four color options: Black Onyx, Ocean Blue, Mother of Pearl, Mystic Purple. Since they are custom designed, each one is unique!
  • 30-day money back guarantee  
  • 1-year limited warranty