Protect Your Lone Workers

Immediately Call for Help

ORA Panic Button Alarm
The Lightweight ORA panic button

ORA is a Panic Button that Saves Lives

ORA is a Safety Device For

Inspector safely working alone
Woman on beach living independently

How is ORA Unique?

ORA is small, works everywhere, and allows unlimited contacts
ORA has a 911 backup, is low cost, and water resistant
The ORA app sends notifications to Contacts and calls 911. ORA is the only app based panic button that uses your smartphone to call 911.

Smart Alert

Small but mighty!

The ORA Link is the panic button and includes great tech - rechargeable battery, accelerometer, and patent-pending Bluetooth technology
ORA works everywhere with cellular coverage, with any carrier

No Limits with ORA!

How Can ORA Help?

ORA Tech Specs

ORA Teardrop jewlery with Link showing internal panic button technology

ORA Panic Button Tech Specs - works on iOS and Android smartphones with Bluetooth. Supports a rechargeable battery using a magnetic charger and is water resistant.

ORA Apps are Available for iOS and Android Smartphones!

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